Note: these bulletins are in French--lots of great photos, maps, blueprints even for those who don't read French.

The bulletins of ISPAN (l'Institut de Sauvegarde du Patrimoine National, The Insitute for Protection of the National Patrimony): ISPAN web site:

Bulletin #1: Introduction, Jeremie (June 2009)                       

Bulletin #2: Iron Market (PAP), Sans-Souci, Fort Anglais (Mirebalais)  (July 2009)

Special issue: Jérémie: Patrimony in peril (August 2009)     

Bulletin #3: The forts of Marchand-Dessalines (part 1), canons of Citadelle (August 2009)

Bulletin #4: Fort Drouet and Habitation Dion (September 2009)

Bulletin #5: The forts of Marchand-Dessalines (part 2), Palace of Belle Rivière (Palace of 365 Doors)  (October 2009)

Bulletin #6: The National Palace and Port-au-Prince houses of that era (November 2009)

Bulletin #7: Fort Jacques, Eglise Saint-Antoine (December 2009)

Bulletin #8: 30 years of ISPAN, the architect Albert Mangonès (January 2010)

Bulletin #9: The earthquake of January 12, 2010 in Port-au-Prince (February 2010)

Bulletin #10: The earthquake and Jacmel, the National Palace (March 2010)

Bulletin #11: The Citadelle, Sans-Souci, and Ramiers, the Casernes Dessalines (April 2010)

Bulletin #12: Belladère and the architecture of 1948, the National Palace (May 2010)

Bulletin #13: The restoration of Marché Hyppolite (Marché Vallière/Iron Market) (June 2010)

Bulletin #14: The artillery of the Citadelle, the Count of Ennery's tomb (July 2010)

Bulletin #15: Fort Saint-Louis in Saint-Louis-du-Sud, Visit from the World Patrimony Center, Patrimony in peril in Port-au-Prince (August 2010)

Bulletin #16: Môle Saint-Nicolas, the coffee plantations of the Matheux mountains (September 2010)

Bulletin #17: The historic center of Port-au-Prince, the online database: Base Ulysse, the Marché Hyppolite/Iron Market (October 2010)

Bulletin #18: The coffee plantations of the Matheux mountains, historic buildings of PAP, the National Palace, Sans-Souci, Marché Hyppolite  (November 2010) 

Bulletin #19: General discussion on national patrimony (with lots of photos) (December 2010)

Bulletin #20: The Marché Hyppolite/Iron Market (January 2011)

Bulletin #21: Historic center of Jacmel (February 2011)

Bulletin #22: The battle site of Crête à Pierrot, work with the Smithsonian (March 2011)

Bulletin #23: Fort Picolet (in Cap-Haïtien), the cathedrals of Port-au-Prince (April 2011)

Bulletin #24: Culture, architectural blueprints (May 2011) 

Bulletin #25: Gingerbread houses, the historical center of Port-au-Prince, views from above (June 2011)

Bulletin #26:The historical center of Jérémie (July 2011)

Bulletin #27: Laws, decrees, and the protection of patrimony (with photos), the prison of Cap-Haïtien (August 2011)

Bulletin #28: The Citadelle Lafferière (September 2011)

Bulletin #29: Ramiers (October 2011)

Special issue: World Monument Fund and the historic monuments of Haïti (October 2011)

Bulletin #30: The Price mill of Jacmel, Sans-Souci (November 2011)

Bulletin #31:  Habitation Jumécourt (Cul-de-Sac) (March 2013)

Bulletin #32: Gingerbread houses (part 1) (April 2013)

Bulletin #33: The old center of Port-au-Prince, Georges Corvington (May 2013)

Bulletin #34: Gingerbread houses (part 2) (June 2013)

Bulletin #35: Improvements of the Citadelle (September 2013)

Bulletin #36: Return of the Bulletin, 100 Years: Albert Mangònes (August, September 2017)

Bulletin #37: Inventory of historic downtown Jacmel (October-December, 2017)

Bulletin #38: Dessalines, Christophe, Capoix, partial list of national fortifications (December, 2018)

Bulletin #39: Port-Royal, Port-Républicain, Port-au-Prince: the capital city, 270 years later (August, 2019)