Sans-Souci Palace

Sans-Souci Palace is at the southern end of Milot. There is a lot of information about these sites online, so I’ve been hesitant to spend a lot of time on Milot, but Curtis Rogers sent me so many beautiful pictures I had to post them.  Most pictures are his, with a few by me. ISPAN bulletins cover the Citadelle and Sans-Souci often, but the following bulletins focus on the palace: #2, #11, #18, #24, #30, and their special issue with the World Monuments fund (Oct. 2011).

Citadelle Laferrière

Again, Curtis Rogers has provided lots of beautiful photos (I've included some of my own too).  All of his Sans Souci pictures are more recent than mine (and most are a lot prettier too...).  ISPAN and UNESCO put out a gorgeous coffee table book on the Citadelle a couple of years ago, detailing its history, restoration, etc.  Of particular interest to me were the stories behind the gorgeous bronze cannons.  If you can get a hold of this book (in French, English, and Spanish), it’s well worth it.  As I mention above, ISPAN covers the Milot sites often, but the following bulletins have at least a partial focus on the Citadelle: #3, #8, #11, #14, #23, #24, #28, #29 (Ramiers), #35 (latest renovation).

Milot miscellaneous

Brian Averill shared the photos below of a tunnel/aqueduct system near the pillar below in Milot. Brian was told, I believe, that these were part of tunnels Christophe attempted from Cap to Milot.  Any info would be appreciated, as would more photos from Milot; I'm sure there's quite a bit nearby of interest.