Batterie d'Etienne Magny (Batterie du Gris-Gris)

Fort Etienne Magny (just north of the Carenage neighborhood) is named for one of Christophe’s generals, a signer of the 1811 Constitution. It is the first of 3 fortifications in this part of Cap-Haitien.  There are perhaps 8 or so of these cannons arranged in a semi-circle at Fort Magny.  Any insight on the meanings of these engravings would be welcome.  All photos by Curtis Rogers (because his are so much better--and more recent--than mine).

Fort St Joseph

Fort St Joseph is the 2nd of 3 military installations on the road–and then path–north out of Cap-Haitien (past Carenage).  All pictures a mix of those by Stephanie Curci and Curtis Rogers.

Fort Picolet

Fort Picolet is the third and largest of the 3 fortifications north of the Carenage neighborhood in Cap-Haitien.  The road becomes a path, goes past Plage Rival, and continues on to stairs carved into the path on the way to Picolet.  Most photos here are by Curtis Rogers who has explored Picolet more recently and extensively (and his pictures are just better).  I've tucked in a few of interest, particularly as I was there for preparations for a fête one day; I’m particularly intrigued by how historical sites get reused and adapted. ISPAN's bulletin # 23 focuses on Picolet but discusses all the Cap fortifications.