Fort Saint-Frederic and Saint-Charles

Small fortification on the eastern side of the bay of Fort Liberté.  Between Fort Liberté/Dauphin and Labouque.

Fort Labouque

Fort Labouque is at the eastern side of the bottleneck entrance to the bay of Fort Liberté.  There is an intact powderhouse on the path from the water to the fort–as well as a cannon buried in the rocks (the first four photos).  In addition to a building which looks like a powderhouse within the fort walls, the site is most notable for its circular interior which forms a complete tunnel around an inner courtyard.  It’s similar to the tunnel-like interior of the Fortresse des Platons above Cayes, although the former was built on the sea by the French and the latter by Haitians in the mountains.

Fort Liberté (aka Fort Dauphin)

Fort Liberté, for which the town is named, has a storied history; it was once called Fort Dauphin for the French king’s heir.  Accessible by foot at the end of town, there are huge rooms like the ones seen here throughout the fort, as well as a nice powderhouse.  There was evidence of reconstruction in parts of the fort interior and exterior.  Last 3 photos by Curtis Rogers.