In this area, I'm looking for: Bassin Zim and the accompanying caves (Hinche); Les Grottes de Belladère.

Fort Anglais, Mirebalais

This fort is near the Ecole Jean Philippe on the eastern side of town on a relatively small hill.  The British occupied and held this town in their attempts to maintain the entire Artibonite from here down the valley to Saint-Marc. Although the hill is small, the whole surrounding plain is clearly visible. The white and blue is evidence of the worship of the Virgin Mary by the Catholics who regularly pray on this hill. ISPAN's bulletin #2 discusses its history.

Saut-d'eau (Ville Bonheur)

Saut d’eau in Ville Bonheur is near Mirebalais up in the hills off the road between Mirebalais and Pont Sondé/St. Marc.  The big fête is held every year on July 16th and is a multi-day, much-photographed event. This is a relatively well-protected site, with a gate and cement sidewalk and steps down to the waterfall. There is a small fee at the entrance.  In one photo, a man sits among the cast-off clothes of serviteurs. There were people on pilgrimage to the falls, but it seemed blasphemous to take a picture of something so sacred and intimate and personal…