Arcahaie general

This gallery features pictures from downtown Arcahaie, with a focus on the main square and its statue of Dessalines and dedication to Catherine Flon, who sewed together the Haitian flag from the French tricolour.  For more on this historic moment, see the Merotte gallery below as well.  At the end of the gallery is a selection of photos from a sugar mill near Merotte.  It's mentioned in L'Habitation Sucrière Dominguoise by Michel Philippe Lerebours (Les Editions des Presses Naitonales).

Merotte, Arcahaie

North of downtown, in Merotte, a monument marks Dessalines' ripping of the French tricolour to create the first Haitian flag, sewed together by Catherine Flon.  Across from the flag murals is the Lakou Grann Guitonn, described as a peristyle restored to Guitonn's memory (the plaque in the gallery below says he played an important role alongside Dessalines in the fight for Haitian independence).