Lovana aux Pierres

I was told this stunning ruin in Quartier Morin–famous for the lwa Lovana, represented by several silver fish in a basin– was Habitation Duplat, but I’ve also read that this is Habitation Dupuy. Supposedly wearing earrings, the fish will grant wishes to those who seek. Serviteurs come every Tuesday and Friday, and there is an annual fête Septemeber 27th. The Habitation (called “Duplaa” by Moreau de Saint-Méry in 1789) is also mentioned in this article from the French government.  Vévés and ceremonial drawings for the lwa fill the site.  The tunnel shown was supposed to be a colonist’s escape route as the reality of the Revolution neared (the other end was about 50 feet away); it’s similar to one I saw in Camp-Perrin, in the south.  Contact me for more information on any photo.

  • French and Kreyol translation to come. Traduction francaise à venir. Tradiksyon kreyol ap vini.