I've never been to the North-West, but I've been grateful for amazing photo submissions and would welcome more.  In particular, I'm searching for: La Batterie du Ralliement and La Batterie du Morne-à-Cabris (Haitian fortifications) in hills of Môle St Nicolas; Batteries on Presqu’ile near Môle St Nicolas; the Fort des Trois Pavillons and Petit Fort(Port-de-Paix); Fort du Rocher and Fort d’Ogeron (St Louis du Nord, Tortuga); La Grotte au Bassin, Trou d’Enfer, and La Grotte de la Galerie (Tortuga).

Click below for Môle St Nicolas pictures

La Batterie de Valliere- -picture by Curtis Rogers

La Batterie de Valliere--picture by Curtis Rogers

La Croix

Curtis Rogers generously shared these photos of the cave at La Croix, south of Port de Paix.  Apparently, there were no pre-Columbian relics left in the cave, but it is used as a site of worship (both situations similar to other caves across Haiti).