Click here for a link to ISPAN's bulletin.  Number 26 focuses on Jérémie. 

Please send photos.  In this region, I'm aware of--and looking for--the following sites, but I know there's more:

  • anything left of the Habitation Guinaudraie, where the father of the author Alexandre Dumas was born?  His father, Alexandre Davy Dumas was born in 1762; his parents were the Marquis of Pailleterie and one of his slaves. 
  • Fort Mafranc?  I've read it might be an hour's climb?
  • remains of a synagogue in Jeremie (supposedly archaeologists have discovered remains--anyone know more?)
  • Les Grotte aux Indes in Pestel and Les Grottes de Dame-Marie in Dame-Marie
  • A fort in Les Irois, which the English supposedly fortified before being expelled by Rigaud