Stand-outs here include Marchand-Dessalines and Petite-Rivière, but there are some surprises here as well.  In this area, I'm also looking for: Fort Lajalouserie (Marmelade); L’ecole des Frères Chrétiennes (St Marc); Grand Fort du Bayonnais (Ennery); Toussaint’s headquarters on the Benoit plantation—anything still there? (Petite Rivière de l’Artibonite); at Baurin, a gunpowder factory (Marchands-Dessalines); Bassin Erzulie, Souvenance, Soukri, Dubedou (Gonaives); Munitions depot (Ravine à Coulevres); Fort Tannerie (near Ennery); Forts Grommier, Guilbert, Le Croix, Ducot (Cahos mountains).

Click here for photos of Marchand-Dessalines, including forts and historic town architecture

Click here for photos of St Marc, including forts and sugar mill

Click here for the Verrettes area, including sugar mills and aqueducts

Click here for photos of Petite Rivière de l'Artibonite: the important battle site of Crête-à-Pierrot and Henri Christophe's Palais de la Belle-Rivière/Palais de 365 Portes (Palace of 365 Doors)